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AI-Powered Skills Assessment Engine

Technology Overview

This AI-assisted competency-based assessment engine is designed to discover individual proficiencies to guide them in skills mastery. The AI skills engine is trained to determine proficiency levels, aligned with Singapore’s SkillsFuture skill framework. The algorithms automate identifying, assessing, and enhancing skills and traits via these modes:

  • AI-enhanced adaptive business aptitude testing
  • Virtual agent-cum-AI conversational chatbot that doubles as a scheduler and interviewer
  • Skills profile report generation with AI insights

It solves the age-old challenges of assessing for critical soft skills like communication, creative thinking, sense making and problem solving. It also assists in reducing time-consuming effort spent on scheduling, administering and collating skills proficiencies. We are seeking partners interested to commercialise this engine or enter into a licensing agreement. We are also seeking partners keen to augment the engine to purpose-fit it for new applications in the marketplace.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Beyond time-saving and labour-saving benefits gained from digitalisation and AI automation, the AI engine allows for various assessment modalities to measure proficiencies. These include standard questionnaires as well as open-ended interview responses. The algorithms use machine and deep learning to determine gaps in skills and competencies essential for academic and career progression. The engine’s model is capable of:

  • Automating its current validated proprietary skills assessments with additional tests
  • Identifying skills from written responses including resumes
  • Auto-grading open-ended unstructured text responses
  • Generating a skills profile or fitness report with AI insights at an individual or organisational level

The engine has been successfully deployed to identify more than 1,200 candidates’ strengths and traits in the school’s early admission exercises. It has also shown promise in helping learners raise specific skill proficiencies over time through self-assessment and self-tracking. Close to half of NYP’s ~2,200 business school learners were able to improve their communication skills proficiency from basic to intermediate or advanced.

Potential Applications

There are several application areas:

  • Immediate: Corporate training and institutional assessment to guide skills development at an individual and organisational level.
  • Immediate: Academic settings for tracking learners’ future skills to complement formal assessment of disciplinary knowledge.
  • Complementary: Aligned to augment HR’s talent recruitment profiles for smart screening as well as to address skills gaps.

Customer Benefit

  • Cost Saving
  • Adaptable
  • Increase Productivity
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Nanyang Polytechnic

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