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High Yield, Low-Cost & Eco-Friendly Collagen Extraction From Fish Scales

Technology Overview

Currently, large quantities of fish scales are discarded as waste. Fish scales comprise of components such as collagen, scleroprotein, lecithin and hydroxyapatite. A green chemistry method was developed that uses optimised conditions to extract collagen from fish scales at very low cost with high yield. The collagen extracted through this method can be used in various fields such as the biomedical, cosmetics, and the food industry in a variety of applications.

Fish scale collagen may also be used a low-cost attachment substrate for the nascent cultivated meat industry.

This collagen extraction technology is available for licensing, suitable partners could be fish farms, fish processing companies and companies who manufactures collagen.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

A green chemistry method has been developed with specific optimised conditions to extract collagen from fish scales. The method uses eco-friendly solvents for demineralisation and collagen extraction at room temperature from fish scales.

This valorisation strategy is low cost with high yield compared to other common collagen extraction processes.

Potential Applications

Collagen producers and fish processing companies can use this green collagen extraction method to extract collagen from fish scales at low cost.

  • Pure fish collagen has very good potential in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries for a variety of applications and products.
  • Fish collagen may also be used as an effective and low-cost attachment substrate to grow cells for cultivated meat applications. 
  • Industries which rely on bovine and porcine based collagen can use this eco-friendly method to produce “Halal” collagen for all communities.

Customer Benefit

  • Fish farms, fish processing companies can use this green extraction method to produce high value collagen from fish scales at low cost.
  • Companies who are currently using conventional collagen source and methodology can benefit from this high yield, low cost extraction process.
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Diana Sutanto


Nanyang Polytechnic

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  • Life Sciences
  • Agriculture & Farming, Industrial Biotech Methods & Processes

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