Ahranta Inc

Founded in 1991, we've developed solutions to protect corporate and individual assets and information, with Remote Control system (the first and best in Korea), and File Encryption solution. Our solutions are supplied to public, financial, educational institutions, private companies, totally over 5,000 clients in Korea (market share about 40%). Currently, we are planning to enter the global market with newly launched app service 'Smart Emergency Alarm' for personal safety.

Our Technology Offers

Smart Emergency Alarm - For personal security

Smart Emergency Alarm is a solution for personal safety for everyone.

You can send SOS with a simple action by your smartphone to your family and city guards. The app transmits real-time video/audio/location information to the pre-registered recipients. Then you’ll be saved by a quick response securing golden time from crime, violence, accidents, disasters.

It consists of mobile apps (Android/iOS) and the web control center (SaaS/On-premise, every browser).

This solution can be used for local government for crime prevention and smart city project, or hospitals, hotels, insurance companies, industrial sites. Everywhere the emergency happens often, and need to quickly respond to save wound people.

Patents are registered in Korea, USA, Japan, China. (Vietnam pending) with the title of [Emergency Lifesaving System and Emergency Lifesaving Method Using the same].

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