4S Mapper

4S Mapper is specialized in spatial information-based image processing (artificial satellite, aviation, and drones) and AI-based image analysis. 4S Mapper sought for the better safety of the drivers not only the cars but further the train, ship, etc.) in the near future. We capture images of the road from above-using drones, and with DTM (Drone To Mapper) ML, we get rid of the cars and shadows from the road. Then, we gather and combine the DTM ML-processed data into one whole map.

Our Technology Offers

CfSM (Car-free Street Mapping)

CfSM is a solution for making car-free road map using deep learning and drone technology. Combining this solution with our AfGG (Auto labelling 5G & Geo-spatial information) solution, a High-Definition Safety map could be produced to highlight road defects such as potholes, fading road markings, etc.

Before CfSM, surveyors not only had to buy high-end MMS sensor that costs up to million dollars but also had to face the limitation of the lane-to-lane analysis. However, CfSM changed the situation via drone survey.

South Korea