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CfSM (Car-free Street Mapping)

Technology Overview

CfSM is a solution for making car-free road map using deep learning and drone technology. Combining this solution with our AfGG (Auto labelling 5G & Geo-spatial information) solution, a High-Definition Safety map could be produced to highlight road defects such as potholes, fading road markings, etc.

Before CfSM, surveyors not only had to buy high-end MMS sensor that costs up to million dollars but also had to face the limitation of the lane-to-lane analysis. However, CfSM changed the situation via drone survey.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Previously, aerial photographs were used to map roads. However, using aerial photography, it is difficult to identify accurate information of roads, because of vehicles on the roads. Our CfSM technology solved this problem by using drones to map the road and AI technology to remove all vehicles from the roads while maintaining the road surface information.

With the vehicles removed our AfGG solution creates an HDS (High-Definition Safety) Map with road marking information. AfGG solution utilizes DTM ML to auto label the road markings (double yellow line, crosswalk, stop line, etc.) or detect risk factors (pothole, crack, etc.) to gather road information.

Potential Applications

  • CfSM combined with AfGG could form a map with various road markings information/risk factors to ensure timely road maintenance are done to ensure road safety
  • The car-free road map will be useful for developing autonomous driving and road management in the future.

Customer Benefit

CfSM together with AfGG allows the road conditions to be monitored constantly at an affordable cost without using MMS sensors. This allowed road maintenance and repair works to be scheduled or conducted based on the data collected.

Contact Person

Seungho LEE


4S Mapper

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  • Logistics
  • Value-Added Services

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AI, Spatial Information, Drone, Satellite