Leadpoint System Inc

Leadpoint System Inc. is a technology and consulting specialist in Blockchain solution and AI application technology. Our accumulated experience in information technology is over 14 years. Our blockchain and AI expertise since 2017, has placed us in top tier within the IT industry. Leadpoint System is the first in blockchain industry to obtain 2nd Grade ‘Software Process (SP) Quality Certificate’ and Software Quality Level 1 for InnoBlock Platform, along with a variety of projects performed in finance, public, and manufacturing sectors.

Our Technology Offers

Intelligent Cold Chain Management Service

FreshTrack is an intelligent cold chain solution fused with IoT-AI-Blockchain technology, with enhanced stability, reliability, responsiveness, and expandability compared to the existing logistics system.

FreshTrack forecasts and helps to prevent risks during distribution process such as spoiled products due to unusual temperature/humidity, damage to the products due to multiple shocks, originality manipulation during distribution process, etc.

It targets companies or institutes who are transporting environmentally sensitive products such as ingredients transporting company, pharmaceutical manufacturers, warehouse, chemicals, semiconductor/coil, etc.

We are seeking active business partners that can provide market insights for more customized products in SEA markets.

South Korea