IMEMINE is an AI-based fashion technology company. The CEO and developer who have a lot of experience in AI and AR met and are developing a solution that can measure the user's body size using a smartphone camera. Currently, there is a corporation in China, so employees are residing in Shandong Province, and employees with overseas experience are trying to enter the overseas market. With these team building and outstanding developers, IMEMINE is a company that can grow indefinitely

Our Technology Offers

Body Measurement Solution with Just One Picture ‘SizeMine’

As for the online fashion market, it has been growing continuously, and the speed has been accelerated by COVID 19. Although the market size continues to grow, there are many problems such as feeling the texture or not knowing the fit accurately due to the limitations of the online market. The biggest problem among them is the size problem, which accounts for more than 40% of the reason for the return, and many returns are made in the online market. This return issue is the main issue IMEMINE is trying to solve.

Since we are targeting B2B fashion e-commerce malls, we are a solution that works with algorithm. ‘SizeMine’ is a technology that is combined with artificial intelligence and augmented reality technologies. So by SizeMine measuring one’s body with high accuracy and 3D virtual fitting is also possible.

Since our solution is for e-commerce users, I think the target can be anyone who uses the e-commerce platform.

So we are looking for a partnership with fashion e-commerce malls.

South Korea