12CM is the premier Online to Offline and Fintech technology provider in the Global market leveraging the innovative Echoss Platform to power a variety of commerce and marketing service models.

Our Technology Offers

Echoss Smart Stamp Technology

In the IT service industry, there are 3 main problems that the Echoss Stamp technology works to overcome:

  • Enable O2O services (loyalty, payment, coupons) on users’ mobile phones
  • Authenticate transactions on those services without barcode or QR code scanners (requires integration with on-site POS or other existing infrastructure)
  • Quickly develop and launch O2O services as compared to QR code/barcode-enabled services

After encountering a multitude of difficulties with POS and other systems integration while launching a mobile payment and loyalty app in the early 2010’s, our founders looked for a way to authenticate transactions without the time and costs required for integration. The solution was the Echoss Stamp, a device that authenticates transaction using the user’s smartphone and the cloud.

Potential partners that we are seeking for can include:

  1. Loyalty service providers
  2. App developer for big brands/franchises
  3. Company with an existing service, but looking for additional revenue models
  4. Stamp Card Wallet Service Sales Agent
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