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Echoss Smart Stamp Technology

Technology Overview

In the IT service industry, there are 3 main problems that the Echoss Stamp technology works to overcome:

  • Enable O2O services (loyalty, payment, coupons) on users’ mobile phones
  • Authenticate transactions on those services without barcode or QR code scanners (requires integration with on-site POS or other existing infrastructure)
  • Quickly develop and launch O2O services as compared to QR code/barcode-enabled services

After encountering a multitude of difficulties with POS and other systems integration while launching a mobile payment and loyalty app in the early 2010’s, our founders looked for a way to authenticate transactions without the time and costs required for integration. The solution was the Echoss Stamp, a device that authenticates transaction using the user’s smartphone and the cloud.

Potential partners that we are seeking for can include:

  1. Loyalty service providers
  2. App developer for big brands/franchises
  3. Company with an existing service, but looking for additional revenue models
  4. Stamp Card Wallet Service Sales Agent

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

No Additional System Required

Echoss Stamp is designed to function on every smart device in the world and does not require any additional system integration or offline infrastructure.

Geometric Pattern Recognition

Every Echoss Stamp holds a code that is recognized based on a unique geometric pattern. This allows the Stamp to be recognizable at any angle.

No Battery Required

The Echoss Stamp functions using capacitive touch; therefore, it does not require any battery or other power source.

Cost Effective Service

Using Echoss Stamp, one does not need make a new solution for every promotion. Marketing managers can offer various services using the same Stamps.

Potential Applications

The Echoss Stamp can be applied to a wide variety of customer engagement, marketing, and retails services, all supported by the Echoss Platform.

The primary application area is:

  • Loyalty Service
  • Membership
  • Mobile Coupon
  • Check-in service
  • Promotion/ Event
  • Mobile Payment

Customer Benefit

Mobile Collaboration

  • Turn-key application to provide a platform where shops can work together to promote each other’s business
  • Web admin that supports collaborative operation of marketing events


  • No pre-existing infrastructure required to active mobile service; Simply deliver the Echoss Stamp and stores can begin stamping immediately
  • Low barriers for entry; As service participation increases, costs for CDL stay manageable
  • Cloud-based operation means scale grows, operation labor required remains constant


  • Flexible marketing functions such as Rally and Marketing Coupons enable the widest variety of marketing campaigns
  • Tenants can choose to participate in collaborative events, but offering a basic loyalty marketing service keeps tenants locked-in and ready

Data-driven Campaigns

  • Data is processed each time the Echoss Stamp touches users’ mobile devices; we apply analysis models to this data to visualize
  • Use analytics figures to measure, reevaluate, and adjust marketing campaigns for maximum efficiency
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