FutureMain Co Ltd

Futuremain is an engineering company dedicated to providing a stable and safe environment for professionals who work with heavy machinery and equipment. To ensure that breakdowns occur less frequently and that machines can be run smoothly for their full life cycle, FutureMain has made it its goal to provide cutting edge software that can complete that task. With over 35 years of experience and accumulated data, Futuremain has helped over 290 companies cut down on repair costs, keep their facilities safer, and participate in the Smart Factory revolution.

Our Technology Offers

Automatic Fault Diagnosis & Optimal Management Solution

We are a company in South Korea that possesses an accumulation of big data through which the data from heavy machinery can be diagnosed and have ample experience when it comes to fault diagnosis for heavy machinery. Our expert knowledge and collection of big data have been combined with our AI technology to allow for real time monitoring of the machine’s condition. This allows our integrated technology to automatically diagnose faults so that an analysis expert does not have to directly analyze the data. By applying our solution to your facility, optimal management and predictive maintenance becomes possible. If you install our technology at your facility, then it is possible for your data to be monitored in real time through the web and automatic machinery diagnosis can be completed. This application of our innovative software will effectively digitally advance your facility. With our technology, faults and breakdowns that occur at facilities with heavy machinery will be prevented and discovered before the damage becomes too severe. Any facility that employs heavy or rotating machinery will be able to make full use of our solution. Our solution is also adaptable to be used in motor vehicles or essentially any sort of machine that produces vibration. We seek partnerships with engineering companies knowledgeable in machine fault diagnosis and who may be able to market and sell our solution in regions that we do not have a presence in.

South Korea