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Mobile Touchless Biometric Solution

Technology Overview

This technology offer is a software-based mobile touchless biometric solution. The technology is able to capture images of fingerprints and palmprints as the biometric information using the rear camera of a smartphone. The captured images will be deleted right after the features of biometric information are extracted by the algorithm for encrypted processing.

The global identification market trends are adapting to a virtual work, and non-contact environment since Covid-19. This technology is suitable for use in a virtual work, and non-contact environment, where users can use their smartphones to take a photo of their fingerprints or palmprints for authentication.

This technology has been used by the Korean financial industry since 2017 as one of the biometric identification methods for log-in services and authentication services during financial transactions. The Korean Insurtech market has started to adopt this technology from 2020 as a digital biometric signature service.

The technology owner is seeking collaborators who can further co-develop this technology based on customers’ needs from the global market.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Summary of features of this technology offer :

  1. Provided as an SDK
  2. Supports Android & iOS
  3. Minimum requirement to performance specification: 8MP camera, auto-focusing, LED flash light
  4. Adaptable to skin condition changes (wet, sweat, dry, dusty etc.)
  5. High resolution line image (500 dpi)
  6. Tokenization & anti-spoofing security technology is contained
  7. Multi-fingerprint Recognition (index & middle fingers)
  8. Palmprint recognition (minutiae information equivalent to fingerprint)

Potential Applications

This technology offer has been used as a touchless biometric identification service to Korean financial institutes and insurtech sector.

This technology is suitable to be applied in various markets that requires identification and verification by software based biometric technology.

There are two options for technology collaboration : 

  • Firstly, the collaborator can easily integrate this technology into its own service or application. Thus, this technology is not limited to be a software product.
  • Secondly, this technology can be adapted on any hardware that is operating using the Android or iOS environment.

Customer Benefit

This technology has the following benefits :

  1. Standard mobile biometric solution for users (end-users).
  2. No dedicated devices or modules required to operate the solution, resulting in cost savings.
  3. Non-contact, suitable for Covid-19/post-Covid-19 world
  4. Can be implemented and maintained easily and quickly.
  5. Compatibility with the legacy biometric database.
  6. Tiny file size for data file, resulting in ease of storage solutions.
  7. High-quality of biometric information
Contact Person

Kevin Kim


Winning.I Co Ltd

Technology Category

  • Infocomm
  • eCommerce & ePayment, Financial Technology, Security & Privacy, Smart Cities
  • Industrial Biotech Methods & Processes
  • Life Sciences

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