Genplus is a Singapore SME that specializes in energy storage solutions. We provide value-added services in energy storage and renewable energy starting from solutioning, design and manufacturing services to energy management systems and system integration.
Our capabilities and technologies include battery module manufacturing, energy storage systems and energy management. In our Singapore factory, we can evaluate batteries for repurposing and build welded battery systems from cell to containerized solutions. With our expertise in batteries, we build and integrate new or repurposed batteries into energy storage solutions with our battery and energy management systems or any preferred brand of choice.

Our Technology Offers

Energy Storage Systems with Smart Energy Management

As climate change brings more extreme weather and make our planet unlivable, it is well accepted that renewable energy is one important solution to minimise our carbon footprint. However renewable energy sources such as solar and wind are notorious in creating instability in our grids because of their intermittency.

Based in Singapore, the technology owner specialises in providing turnkey solution for energy storage systems (ESS) from design, delivery to commissioning and operation and maintenance phases. The technology owner has developed a cost-effective and customisable ESS management system that enables them to provide customised solutions and optimise the ESS operations for mitigating intermittency, peak shaving, providing grid ancillary services, as well as improving power quality.

The technology owner is seeking industry channel sales and system integration partners or customers who would like to deploy energy storage solutions.

Repurposed Energy Storage System to Combat E-Waste

With electrification of transportation within the region, it is imminent that there will be a growing volume of battery waste coming from electric vehicle (EV) batteries in the future. Lithium-ion batteries from EVs are subjected to stringent requirements to preserve the range of EVs. EV batteries are unsuitable for further use in the vehicle when the capacity of the battery drops below 80% and are discarded thereafter. Often, these retired EV batteries are still in good working order for less stringent applications such as grid energy storage and back-up power, opening up an opportunity for repurposing.

Based in Singapore, the technology owner has developed proprietary techniques to evaluate battery safety, performance and health. These methods would be used together with quality control processes that meet international standards in repurposing batteries. Through the process, good modules are refurbished with in-house developed battery management systems (BMS) and subsequently repurposed for use as part of an energy storage systems.

The technology owner is seeking collaborations with EV manufacturers to test out their retired batteries for use as repurposed energy storage system.

Customised Battery Packs for Mobility Electrification

With clean energy, more and more countries are starting to electrify their transportation to reduce their carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuels. Targeting mobility electrification, the technology owner is seeking industry partners to co-develop battery packs customised for extreme applications such as ruggedised battery packs, marine vessel battery systems and unmanned system.

Based in Singapore, the technology owner’s boutique manufacturing facility is equipped with the necessary design and manufacturing capabilities and equipment to manufacture various types of battery packs according to clients’ requirements.

In addition, the technology owner has in-house battery testing facilities that cater for testing of battery performance at rapid charge and discharge rates, allowing on-site validation of innovative designs in battery packs and battery management for bespoke applications.