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Customised Battery Packs for Mobility Electrification

Technology Overview

With clean energy, more and more countries are starting to electrify their transportation to reduce their carbon footprint and dependence on fossil fuels. Targeting mobility electrification, the technology owner is seeking industry partners to co-develop battery packs customised for extreme applications such as ruggedised battery packs, marine vessel battery systems and unmanned system.

Based in Singapore, the technology owner’s boutique manufacturing facility is equipped with the necessary design and manufacturing capabilities and equipment to manufacture various types of battery packs according to clients’ requirements.

In addition, the technology owner has in-house battery testing facilities that cater for testing of battery performance at rapid charge and discharge rates, allowing on-site validation of innovative designs in battery packs and battery management for bespoke applications.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The technology owner’s innovation relates to their manufacturing technologies, capability and expertise to design battery modules and manufacturing processes to support the production of the new modules. This includes batteries of different application, environmental requirement as well as physical form factors. In combination with tailored battery management system, the designed battery pack is able to serve different electrical needs for the various mobility applications and for different operating conditions.

Potential Applications

  • Primary application is in design and manufacturing battery packs, marine vessel battery packs and portable outdoor battery packs.
  • Other areas of application include drone battery pack, autonomous vehicle battery pack, etc.

Customer Benefit

  • Boutique manufacturing for bespoke applications
  • Small focus design that that allow rapid engagement with clients and provide tailor solution for specific requirement to meet the needs of the application
  • High quality manufacturing based in Singapore
  • Support of low quantity delivery of manufactured products according to customer requirement
Contact Person

Lionel Moh


Genplus Pte Ltd

Technology Category

  • Energy
  • Battery & SuperCapacitor, Battery Management System, Performance Monitoring System & Sensor
  • Logistics
  • Transportation

Technology Readiness Level


Marine battery, vessel battery