PJP Eye is a sustainable energy solution company that mass produce patented organic carbon battery called “Cambrian”. PJP Eye provides comprehensive customization services to its clients. We actively seeking for other clean tech partners to enhance our capabilities. PJP Eye is to deliver sustainable energy worldwide.

Our Technology Offers

Sustainable Organic Carbon Battery Technology

The conventional lithium-ion battery has taken the world very far in terms of technological development. However, several issues have emerged over the past decade. This includes problems arising from mining of rare metals, safety concerns, battery degradation which leads to expensive replacement costs, slow charging speed, short cycle life, as well as end-of-life battery recycling challenges.

Based in Japan, the technology owner has developed proprietary electrodes for rechargeable battery which is made of organic carbon material. Derived from sustainable sources such as cotton, the organic carbon material enables high degree of safety in rechargeable batteries due to its strong bonding with oxygen. Using organic carbon as the anode and coupled with metal oxide-based cathode, this battery chemistry offers 8-10 times faster charging and over 8000 cycle life, compared to up to 1500 cycles for conventional lithium-ion battery chemistries. The organic carbon electrode inherently prevents overheating issues, and also provides increased energy density batteries suitable for use in e-scooters, drones and energy storage systems.

Currently, the technology owner is developing full carbon battery prototypes using the organic carbon as both the anode and cathode. This will effectively eliminate the need for rare metals such as nickel, cobalt and manganese typically used in cathodes of lithium-ion batteries. The technology owner is seeking industry partners from the energy storage and personal mobility space to adopt the technology and co-develop customised battery packs for use in their applications.