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Low Cost, On-site Electrolyser-based Green Hydrogen Production

Technology Overview

Hydrogen energy is a zero-carbon fuel which has the potential to replace fossil fuel. However, various limitations faced in getting a cheap, clean and green source of hydrogen has heavily hampered its growth.

To overcome these limitations, the technology provider utilises high performance water electrolyser components that use renewable power to produce low-cost green hydrogen on-site for industries, transport and energy storage.

This proprietary technology uses nanotechnology to achieve 2x production of hydrogen at 10% lower energy consumption which reduces stack cost by 50%. Furthermore, it employs sustainable, low cost, earth abundant materials to replace expensive platinum group metals in electrolysers and provide customers with a cost of green hydrogen lower than $2/kg.

The technology owner would like to seek technology collaborators in areas of electrolyser and fuel cell component design and development.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Today’s electrolysers are expensive and inefficient and relies heavily on expensive platinum group metals which are also limited in supply. As a result, green hydrogen is 5x more expensive than fossil-fuel based grey hydrogen. The technology provider replaces expensive platinum metals with developed proprietary nanostructured materials made from low-cost earth abundant metals and used nanocrystal engineering to produce electrolyser components with superior performance and at half the cost.

Electrolyser systems built with the materials developed by the provider show the following key competitive advantages compared with the traditional technology :

  • Ability to operate at high current density and in a wide dynamic operating range i.e. highly compatibility with renewable energy
  • World leading efficiency with 2x hydrogen production
  • 10% decrease in energy consumption
  • 50% lower stack cost and space requirement
  • 33% lower electrolyser capex cost

Potential Applications

Electrolyser market is expected to be $120B within the next decade. The technology owner’s proprietary platform technology can be applied to cheaply manufacture highly efficient electrolyser and fuel cell components like electrodes, membrane electrode assemblies, porous transport layers and bipolar plates to unlock sustainable, scalable, on-site green hydrogen production globally. The reduction of such costs along with improvements of efficiency could open the door for widespread adoption of low-cost green hydrogen to decarbonize sectors such as industry (such as refineries, steel, semiconductors, etc.), transportation (Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles (HFCVs)) and renewable energy.

Customer Benefit

This technology offer provides cost-saving and efficiency improvements to existing electrolysers. It doubles hydrogen production while simultaneously reducing energy consumption, capex cost and space requirements leading to significant cost savings. The use of low-cost earth abundant metals in this technology makes the hydrogen generated in this case to be cheap, clean and green. Further, this technology is also capable of being used to manufacture components for fuel cells, batteries and direct solar-to-hydrogen panels in future.

Contact Person

Tulika Raj



Technology Category

  • Energy
  • Fuel Cells
  • Materials
  • Nano Materials

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