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Our Technology Offers

New Plastic Production Technology: Reduce At Least 20% Of Plastic Weight

Rim roll, the nice curled edge, is often desired as it improves consumer safety during handling and transporting. However, it is limited to only round containers due to the manufacturing capability of current packaging producers. Moreover, the limitation of round containers means less efficiency in product on shelf and pallet pack out.

This patented packaging innovation is now able to form this Rim Roll on non-round products and thus solves the problems faced with round packaging containers.

  • Reducing plastic weight at least 20% and even more
  • Suitable for all materials as PP, PET, PLA, PS and multilayer variations on this
  • All cutting shapes are possible (no longer limited to round)
  • Suitable for Thermoforming
  • Sealable
  • Can be closed with a lid
  • Patented packaging innovation

This technology provider is looking for partners who are interested in licensing this IP and technology to manufacture their own packaging.