Oyika is on a mission to lowering the barriers to EV adoption. ASEAN has the highest density of motorbikes globally with 250M motorbikes, which constitute 85% of the vehicle population, and less than 0.1% are electric. This results in serious environmental issues given that ICE motorbikes are more pollutive than cars due to less stringent emission regulations than cars. Oyika provides an e-motorbike with a battery swapping solution, bundled with a power subscription plan.

Our Technology Offers

Battery Swapping Solution for Electric Motorbikes

The technology described herein relates to a battery swapping solution targeted at lowering the barrier to electric motorbike (e-motorbike) adoption. The solution constitutes a mobile application, IoT-enabled and portable battery, and a battery swapping infrastructure (battery swapping/charging cabinets) that enables motorbike users especially those located in the ASEAN countries to participate in the initiative, facilitating the conversion from internal combustion engine (ICE) motorbikes to e-motorbikes.

The battery swapping solution is brand agnostic and the battery pack is compatible with most e-motorbike brands and models in Southeast Asia, including 2- and 3-wheelers. The solution is offered as a bundle of a power subscription plan together with an e-motorbike. Subscribers may opt for pay-per-use, prepaid weekly or postpaid monthly plan, and could swap depleted batteries for fully charged ones at a swap station within a minute. To complete the offer, the technology owner also provides equipment for direct current (DC) fast charging for e-motorbikes and alternating current (AC) charger for electric vehicles.

The technology owner has rolled out the solution in markets including Cambodia and Indonesia, and is currently seeking industry partners to adopt the solution.