Founded by doctors and engineers, Biorithm believes that comprehensive maternal healthcare should leverage the power of digital health and advanced sensors to address individual patient and clinicians' needs, enhance data-driven decisions, complication prevention, and provide access to holistic and affordable care.

Our Technology Offers

Advanced Pregnancy Care

With the increasing number of at-risk pregnancies and the limitation of the care delivery system, it becomes urgent to find a reliable solution that addresses technology, cost and care delivery challenges.

Forging new frontiers in pregnancy care, the technology provider has developed a solution comprising a comprehensive remote monitoring suite for obstetrics care. The technology is a turnkey and modular virtual maternity care solution that enables the digitalization of existing antenatal and postnatal protocols. The technology allows the care team to deliver risk-specific care to pregnant mothers in the comfort of their homes through a patient mobile app and an array of connected monitoring devices, including a proprietary home use fetal and maternal monitor.

The technology provider is looking to engage relevant stakeholders for collaboration to support their research projects and their global commercialization journey.