University of Tartu

Founded in 1632, the University of Tartu (UT) is the largest and most comprehensive university in Estonia and one of the most respectable centres of education and research in Northern Europe. It is in the top 1.2% of the world’s universities (QS Rankings 2022, 300th position). UT is home to 13 000 students, including 2200 international students from over 100 countries.

Our Technology Offers

Cloud and HPC Management Platform

We offer a Cloud Infrastructure and HPC management platform with self-service portal.


  • Support for IaaS cloud (OpenStack) and HPC (SLURM) Management
  • Multiple authentication methods (Internal, LDAP, SAML, EduGAIN, EduTeams, etc)
  • Built-in Marketplace
  • Integrated Accounting and Billing/Showback
  • End User Portal with Service Desk

It could be used in Educational, Scientific, Government and Enterprise setups.

More Efficient Governance with Proactive Services and E-voting

Life event-based and pro-active digital services are offered to citizens based on an observed life-event or predicted service need without the citizen purposefully asking for or applying for the service out of his/her own initiative. These services would greatly simplify interactions with the state as relevant public services would be automatically offered to individuals when they become eligible due to a specific life event. For example, an automated kindergarten and school placement/Information system that would be triggered when children become of appropriate age.

Such a transformational redesign of how governments offer services is only possible when digital governance infrastructure and data sources are mature enough to enable the sharing of life-event information between registries to make precise predictions of a service need.

Our research team offers know-how and high-level competence in developing solutions for personalized predictive services. Such competence may be of most interest to governmental bodies and service providers. We are looking for collaboration on technology development and international cooperation.