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Cloud and HPC Management Platform

Technology Overview

We offer a Cloud Infrastructure and HPC management platform with self-service portal.


  • Support for IaaS cloud (OpenStack) and HPC (SLURM) Management
  • Multiple authentication methods (Internal, LDAP, SAML, EduGAIN, EduTeams, etc)
  • Built-in Marketplace
  • Integrated Accounting and Billing/Showback
  • End User Portal with Service Desk

It could be used in Educational, Scientific, Government and Enterprise setups.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

  • A digital platform for publishing and managing cloud services. Comes with a wide range of supported integrations and includes a state-of-the-art self-service portal for the end-users supporting social, national and federated identity providers.
  • Real-time, historical and predictive reports for service providers, consumers and summary views for the operators. Built-in accounting and integrations with third-party billing systems. Support for one-time, usage-based or periodic billing models.
  • Integrated customer support ticketing with third-party helpdesk backends. Can be used to provide a single support line for all managed resources. Extendable and comes with a professional support. API-first design and comes with modules for management by Ansible.

Potential Applications

  • HPC and Scientific Computing Centers
  • Scientific consortiums with shared resources
  • Enterprise Multi-Cloud and OpenStack management
  • Government Cloud
  • Digital Marketplace for the Government sector by allowing private sector to offer solutions according to the established policies

Customer Benefits

The platform puts the user in control of their complicated infrastructure and reduces risks of cloud vendor lock-in.

For distributed computing, this platform reduces the complexity of providing the computing power (CPU or GPU) for researchers by providing self-service and streamlined integration with service desk.

This platform can be integrated into existing systems using RESTful APIs.

Contact Person

Ilja Livenson


University of Tartu

Technology Category

  • Infocomm
  • Cloud Computing, High Performance Computing

Technology Readiness Level


cloud services, open source, high performance computing, cloud infrastructure management platform, HPC management platform