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We help the Built environment Ecosystem partners by providing them cutting edge digital tools to solve their problems while accelerating the adoption of sustainable solutions for performance improvement.

Our Technology Offers

BtrLyf – Built Environment Ecosystem Platform for Sustainable & Green future

BtrLyf (pronounced as ‘better life’) is a green ‘assessment-as-a-service’ platform that adds unprecedented value to assessment, analysis, and diagnostics of building performance through digitalization. The AI-powered building simulation engine of BtrLyf has been developed through several years of Research & Development by Qi Square, a spin-off company of the Nanyang technological University (NTU), Singapore.

The platform aggregates multiple sources of building data, including open-source information, design data, standards, API linked data from third party providers, and user entered data to create useful ‘digital assets’ or ‘digital twins’. This data is then processed through physics-based simulation and machine-learning based analytics engines to deliver building specific as well as city-wide aggregate insights to improve performance of buildings.