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Integrated Water Recycling and Repurposing System

Technology Overview

This technology offers a new concept to manage wastewater and mitigate secondary contamination of wastewater treatment process through a non-chemical approach, which has been developed and translated to an integrated pilot scale water line.

The current pilot line combines SIMTech’s electrochemical advance oxidation process (EAOP), and commercial nanobubble generation and ceramic membranes. This technology is suitable for removing particulate, organic and microbial pollutants in wastewaters, and enables a sustainable close-loop solution to support emerging urban manufacturing.

Moving forward, the team is looking to create a platform solution where various functional modules can be developed to be incorporated or retrofitted into current infrastructure to address emerging needs in water circularity.

The technology provider is currently seeking co-development and licensing partners to commercialize this technology.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The features of this technology include :

  • Stand-alone and close-loop treatment.
  • Ideal for decentralized solution for water sustainability and circulation in agriculture, aquaculture, and environmental applications.
  • Flexible configuration to adapt to varying water conditions.
  • Self-cleaning and regeneration of functional modules.

All technology modules are non-chemical and based on physics, minimizing secondary chemical disposal hazard and pollution.

Potential Applications

The technology is suitable for use-cases in :

  • Aquaculture and urban farming to improve the water recirculation and reuse efficiency through mitigating debris, reducing the accumulation of toxic substances, and improving dissolved oxygen.
  • Domestic wastewater treatment to offer decentralized and self-sustaining treatment system on water recycling, such as in hotels, communities, etc.

Customer Benefits

This technology has key customer benefits of :

  • Cost-effective treatment through the synergistic effect of hybrid processes, reducing energy and time consuming.
  • Compatibility and scalability to be incorporated or retrofitted into current infrastructure.
  • Minimized liquid discharge through close-loop water circularity system.
  • Small footprint for deployment and re-deployment in emergent applications.
Contact Person

Weiyi Wu



Technology Category

  • Environment, Clean Air/Water
  • Biological & Chemical Treatment, Filter Membrane/Absorption Material, Mechanical Systems, Monitoring System & Sensor, System Integration

Technology Readiness Level


Water Treatment, Wastewater, Water Circularity