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Smart Waste Bin Platform – Tackling Recycle Challenges

Technology Overview

Smart waste bin platform offers a revolutionary ad-hoc concept to provide on-demand, technology-specific waste collection system solutions to end-users. Our technology also provides backward compatibility to existing infrastructures, enabling collaboration with suppliers on existing smart bin upgrades and productization.

Our team has developed a smart bin platform with AI image recognition and complex human-behavioral algorithm, mechanical separation system to automatically identify and bin consumers’ disposed waste between recyclables and non-recyclables.

Moving forward, our team is looking to create an all-inclusive functional modular platform solution to be incorporated or retrofitted into current infrastructure to address other pain points in waste collections.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The features of our technology include :

  • Automated waste sorting processes using combined AI image recognition and complex human-behavioral algorithm.
  • Waste analytics to increase collection efficiency based on waste volume data and composition assessment.
  • Promoting good recycling behavior to public using instantaneous feedback system to provide educational messages based on disposed waste types and conditions.

Our smart bin platform approach provides a decentralized solution for sorting of recyclables efficiently, while reducing the reliance of waste sorting at collection facilities.

Potential Applications

The primary application areas for our technology can be applied at :

Consumer Level – Waste contamination prevention and public education

Industry Level – Waste steam analysis and case-specific analysis (geographical location, waste types, etc.)

Customer Benefit

The benefits of our technology are :

  • Reduce carbon emissions of transporting contaminated recyclables.
  • Eliminate reliance on manual waste sorting through automation.
  • Backward compatibility and scalability to existing infrastructures.
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Xuecheng Dong



Technology Category

  • Waste Management & Recycling
  • Mechanical System

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