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Tool for Industry Sustainability Transformation

Technology Overview

This innovative tool helps companies transit towards a green economy. Companies will be able to assess their level of environmental sustainability, identify gap to target and discover key actions for improvement. The tool is applicable to all companies, regardless of its size, level of sustainability, and industry sector (especially the manufacturing industry).

Benefits of the tool

  • Learn various aspects and concepts on sustainability
  • Assess sustainability performance
  • Identify gap to target and discover key actions for improvement

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Companies will receive customised recommendations that can be implemented in the organisation’s operations—spanning from their own operations to their supply network and product life cycle. Currently, this framework addresses environmental sustainability dimensions that are most relevant to Singapore such as carbon, energy, water, material, supply network, product life cycle. This tool also helps businesses prioritize the areas to improve upon.

Companies can make use of the tool to understand their state of environmental sustainability, identify next steps for improvement, and continuously improve on their environmental sustainability by revisiting the exercise regularly.

Additional features in the upcoming development plan of this technology offer benchmark with industry average/best-in-class, and seamless inputs for an upcoming compatible Life Cycle Assessment and Costing platform that provides Singapore-specific data points for carbon footprint calculation.

Potential Applications

The technology offer can be applied in the following areas :

  • Tool for companies to continually track and improve their sustainability performance
  • Benchmarking data for industries and government bodies
  • Ideal tool to work with sustainability-related labelling schemes/incentive schemes/certifications by government bodies or organisations

Customer Benefits

  • Learn various aspects and concepts of sustainability
  • Practise information collection relevant to key indicator for evaluation
  • Identify gaps to company’s target and improve maturity scale with the recommendations provided
  • Be Future-Ready for sustainability-oriented regulations, industry trends, and supply chain disruptions due to climate change
Contact Person

Sing Ying Choy



Technology Category

  • Environment, Clean Air/Water
  • Green Building
  • Waste Management & Recycling
  • Manufacturing
  • Materials

Technology Readiness Level


sustainability, environmental management