kin8 works closely with creators of new innovation, technology and enterprises to assist them in achieving real world value from their business and technology. We have worked with startups, large companies, universities, investors and government to translate and commercialise innovation around the world.

Our Technology Offers

BeUpstanding: Wellbeing at Work

BeUpstanding is a digital health and wellbeing change program based on changing employee culture across companies and organisations. The vision of the program is a working environment where employees are motivated to sit less and move more which creates a happier, healthier and more productive workplace. BeUpstanding is built on more than a decade of research into what works to reduce sitting time and how to create sustainable workplace change. The immediate focus of the program is now is changing workplace behaviours and practices across the world through the effective commercialization of BeUpstanding.

Commercial and development partners are sought in working with BeUpstanding to accelerate trialing of the BeUpstanding innovation and market entry into Singapore and the greater ASEAN region.

TALi Health: Attention Difficulties Children

TALi is an Australian digital health company delivering diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to improve cognitive function and behaviour. Based on a foundation of over 25 years research, TALi’s first suite of clinically-validated solutions leverage a gamified platform to assess and improve cognitive performance associated with attention deficits during early childhood, a critical age of development. TALi has leveraged research from one of Australia’s leading neuroscience institutes with its software development and game design team combining to deliver world-leading digital health programs.

The TALi program is based on the concept of “neuroplasticity” – a term used to mean that the brain is plastic (or flexible), and can be re-wired by both experience and training. Recent scientific findings indicate that intense training in childhood can result in changes at many levels in the brain, which in turn promote changes in cognitive skills and behaviour.

The company’s vision is to be one of the global leaders in continuing to develop scalable digital therapeutic technologies to address debilitating congenital and acquired cognitive impairments. Commercial, clinical and development partners are sought to accelerate the delivery of this ground-breaking digital solutions to Singapore and the greater ASEAN region.