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BeUpstanding: Wellbeing at Work

Technology Overview

BeUpstanding is a digital health and wellbeing change program based on changing employee culture across companies and organisations. The vision of the program is a working environment where employees are motivated to sit less and move more which creates a happier, healthier and more productive workplace. BeUpstanding is built on more than a decade of research into what works to reduce sitting time and how to create sustainable workplace change. The immediate focus of the program is now is changing workplace behaviours and practices across the world through the effective commercialization of BeUpstanding.

Commercial and development partners are sought in working with BeUpstanding to accelerate trialing of the BeUpstanding innovation and market entry into Singapore and the greater ASEAN region.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

BeUpstanding is a data and evidence-based health and wellbeing culture change program which is already being used by more than 20,000 people in trials across the world. BeUpstanding provides the necessary tools to assist leaders within organisations to create change that will result in significant health, cost and productivity improvements across their companies.

BeUpstanding has reduced barriers to sitting less moving more and achieved fewer or less severe musculoskeletal pain symptoms in the workplace. In addition, BeUpstanding has created increasingly positive behaviours regarding sitting and moving, more or higher levels of work performance and higher levels of physical health, mental health, and energy. Using BeUpstanding, there is noticeable increase in alertness and energy levels and a decrease in stress and exhaustion levels. This all means higher productivity in the workplace and less costs associated with physical and mental injury.

Potential Applications

BeUpstanding is currently in trial mode across Australia and other parts of the world. It has been deployed in a range of industries including small and large businesses, city based, regional and remote workplaces, call centres, blue collar occupations, public and private enterprises. At the core of BeUpstanding is the knowledge and evidence on which health and wellbeing programs can be developed and used in a range of different ways. Once BeUpstanding is commercialized it can be rolled out to most organisations across the world. Currently BeUpstanding is being deployed across more than 2000 organisations in many industries. The program can be used by all organisations across the world which creates a near unlimited market opportunity.

Customer Benefit

Customers using BeUpstanding within their workplaces have seen significant improvements in staff mental and physical health, higher levels of energy in the workplace, an increase in job performance and satisfaction and large reductions in musculoskeletal pain (13.7%) and reduced sick days (22.8%). These results have been achieved within a limited trial so far and resulted in an improved workplace and higher likelihood of being a preferred employer. Organisations wishing to trial BeUpstanding or to support University of Queensland through commercialization will be engaging with a proven data and evidenced based platform of health and wellbeing change management tools.

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