Newcastle University in Singapore

Newcastle University in Singapore is an established provider of top quality research with an excellent research reputation in the UK. We are now seeking industry partners and high quality research degree candidates in Singapore and South East Asia. Research takes place at NewRIIS, the University's new cutting-edge research facility in Jurong East. We cover a broad area of research expertise in engineering:
chemical engineering and advanced materials
marine engineering
naval architecture
offshore engineering
mechanical and system design
electrical and power engineering

Our Technology Offers

Portable, Compact & Low-Cost Point of Use (POU) Filter

Commercially available portable drinking water filtration devices are often expensive and typically not designed to remove heavy metals, microorganisms, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other macro-pollutants simultaneously. Moreover, these devices cannot be easily attached to reusable water bottles.

This technology relates to low cost, stacked layered nanofibrous filter media based portable drinking water filter device which can remove majority of the pollutants in drinking water. The nanofibrous filter is manufactured through electrospinning with specific intra-fiber porosities, surface charge and mechanical stability. Carbon media are also added to augment the effectiveness of the contaminant removal.

The technology provider is looking to license the technology to interested parties from the water treatment industry.