Orbit Health GmbH

Orbit Health is committed to enabling early intervention and personalized care for chronic diseases. The Company's first solution is an AI solution that helps people with Parkinson’s Disease attain optimal symptom control and restore quality of life. Harnessing sensor and AI technology, Orbit provides doctors with continuous and objective symptom insights to enable effective treatment personalization for Parkinson’s Disease.

The solution sits on Orbit Digital Biomarkers Lab that enables the collaboration and orchestration of other digital health solutions to apply to a single Parkinson's patient, integrating them into routine clinical workflow to achieve holistic patient monitoring and care.

Our Technology Offers

Digital Health Lab For Breakthrough Chronic Care Solutions

Advancements in sensor and AI technologies are enabling the ability to objectively and continuously monitor chronic patients’ wellbeing, symptoms and treatment response, and these digital solutions are providing physicians with unprecedented insights to effectively carry out early and ongoing intervention and personalized care.

However, the current digital health landscape is fragmented and operating in silos, and many patients have multiple chronic diseases and require more than one digital solution and device. This makes it challenging for physicians to navigate and adopt the different solutions.

This technology offer is a patient-centric platform that connects institutions and physicians to the patients’ home, integrating the currently siloed digital health solutions to offer multi-modal insight reports and streamlines the clinical adoption of multiple digital tools.

This allows for early participation in the patient journey, encourages patients to take ownership of their health, and shifts the chronic disease paradigm from a reactive to a proactive approach.

In addition, by joining the currently siloed digital biomarker landscape, unprecedented multi-modal data insight can be generated to power breakthrough clinical approach and innovation.

The technology development team is looking for testbedding collaborations in hospitals and clinics and collaborations for clinical or implementation studies to demonstrate the lab’s useability and its ability to provide better patient care. In addition, the team is looking for partnerships and collaborations with other digital health companies (DTx/DBMs), as well as pharmaceuticals and medical device companies.