ES-TA Technology

ES-TA Technology Pte Ltd is a biotech company, focusing on the domain of naturally derived antimicrobial technologies and products. The foundation of the company revolves around scientific research of bioactive molecules from natural sources and development of clean label extraction strategies to efficiently extract these compounds. The derived technologies/products are then translated into downstream applications and products for different industries.

Our Technology Offers

Natural Antimicrobial For Downstream Applications

Antimicrobials are additives typically added to products with the aim to destroy or inhibit the growth of microbes. In view of the current global pandemic, the use of antimicrobials has become more prevalent. Currently, such antimicrobials are synthetic chemicals, which are often associated with drawbacks such as cytotoxicity and tendency for resistance development.

The technology on offer is a natural antimicrobial agent derived through valorisation of food industry byproduct. Extracted using a clean label extraction process, the derived natural antimicrobial agent exhibits good potency against a broad spectrum of microbes, including bacteria and viruses. More importantly, the valorisation and extraction processes are 100% clean and eco-friendly, without any use of toxic and/or synthetic chemicals, making it highly biocompatible, with no adverse impact of human health. This technology is highly processible, able to withstand thermal and/or pressurized treatment and compatible with both aqueous- and oil-based solvents. The superior processability and natural origin implies that it can be applied to many different applications across various industries including biomedical, food, personal care, materials, etc.

The applicant company is keen to seek partnership with various business and industry partners for the following areas:

  • Application and product development agreement
  • Research and development collaborations