Bisly OU

Bisly is the only truly scalable intelligent building solution, built around the mission of making saving energy simple and affordable to all. Bisly's intelligent building automatics manage energy efficiently in residential and commercial buildings. Our automated solutions are suitable for demanding commercial real estate that has higher needs for elevated security and energy efficiency. Hospitality industry can offer their clients added security and comfort with Bisly’s systems.

Through dynamic software and sensor feedback loop Bisly is able to get the most savings out of every installation being 38-46% more efficient than competitors due to our cutting-edge proprietary hardware.

Our Technology Offers

Smart Building Solution that Makes Saving Energy in Buildings Simple

This technology offers scalable solution for intelligent buildings. It is a seamless platform that makes saving energy simple. This is achieved by integrating both software and hardware into one single platform.

The smart sensors capture real-time information. Therefore, HVAC devices (heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning), lighting, security and other systems, which are communicating on a single platform, are used based on demand, and hence saving energy.This technology offer can be suited for residential buildings and commercial real estates.

The technology owner is currently looking for collaborations and partnerships with real-estate developers, commercial real-estate and hospitality sector developers and managers and other industry professional.