Kyushu Institute of Technology

A National University in Japan which has a satellite campus in University Putra University in Malaysia since 2013. We have continued collaborative research works on palm biomass utilization for yielding green energy and green materials. We have published more than 200 higher quality co-authored scientific papers and 30 Ph D awarders based on our collaborative research activities.

Our Technology Offers

Cellulose Nanofibrils From Oil Palm Biomass

Cellulose nanofibrils (CNF) is a type of nanocellulose with vast potential for several applications. It is an emerging material which has been attracting interest from manufacturers due to its versatility and unique properties such as lightweight, high strength, high crystallinity, high specific surface area, good water binding properties and biodegradability. This technology utilizes the waste from palm oil mills (which is the empty fruit bunch) as the raw material for CNF production.

Currently, methods to produce CNF requires long processing time, complex processes, and the use of chemicals. Using a laboratory-scale wet disc mill, micro-sized cellulose has been successfully converted to CNF through a fast, easy, and chemical-free method. The CNF produced has similar properties as wood-based nanocellulose and is available in both aqueous suspension and powder forms.