Tapp.online creates 100% recyclable smart paper that can measure data and present it to anyone with a smartphone, no apps or other hardware required.

Our Technology Offers

Smart Paper Sensor for Logistics Applications

Every year, a country could import billions of kilograms of refrigerated products. These products could be medicine, food, and important items like Covid19 vaccines. About 10% of that amount might be thrown away because something went wrong along the way, resulting in spoilt products. The problem is that it is unknown where these damages originated, thus it is difficult to hold someone accountable. More importantly, it is difficult to prevent these damages in future as the cause is unknown.

This technology offer is a smart paper that measures, remembers and presents temperature data to anyone with a smartphone, without having to download apps or install other hardware. It is a data logger, made of paper, and it is 100% recyclable.

Agricultural waste is used as the basis for the smart paper, which is then integrated with printed electronics. The technology is comparable in size to a staple and therefore, it falls within the normal waste paper recycling process. No plastics, or other hazardous materials are used, and the smart paper is cheaper than traditional data loggers. This technology is already used all over the world on a daily basis; users are able to check data worldwide through dashboards in the cloud platform.