Kryha is a distributed technologies studio that specializes in the design and development of enterprise digital ecosystems to enable sustainable industry transformation. In the past years, Kryha has developed herself as a leading design and development studio for enterprise blockchain solutions. The vast majority of experience comes from the complex, global and multi-stakeholder projects that Kryha is managing in the oil and gas, chemicals, and mining and metals industries. The common denominator in the solutions built is either using enabling technologies to enhance sustainability practices or process optimization in complex supply chains.

Our Technology Offers

A Platform to Commercially Scale Plastic Recycling

In Southeast Asia, only 9% of plastic waste is recycled. Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations hold fast-moving consumer goods companies (brand owners) accountable for a percentage of waste they produce, mainly consists packaging material. In this light, EPR regulations currently demand from brand owners that they recycle 20%-30% of their waste material such as single use plastics. However, current waste management infrastructure is not capable of handling the volumes of this waste material. This either results in organisations getting fined or having to offset their production. Both cost millions of dollars.

Based in Amsterdam and Singapore, the technology owner has developed a digital platform based on blockchain technology to substantially scale plastic recycling capacity in reverse logistic supply chains by unlocking additional commercial value for all value chain players involved. Via the platform, enablers (e.g. NGOs) offer investable projects to set up additional waste management capacity. By investing in these projects, brand owners and their suppliers can demonstrate they are EPR compliant once the infrastructure is operational. With this comes the additional benefit of not having to invest in costly plastic credits anymore to offset production.

The digital platform system leverages a private blockchain network to create an auditable trail of investments, its impact and material flows. This establishes trust between the players in the value chain, as the network offers privacy, security and flexibility by controlling the access to the network, while recording the physical actions and digital claims in a tamper-proof manner. Effectively, this digital platform offers a sustainable option for brand owners to comply with the regulations. The technology owner is seeking industry partners to scale and adopt the technology.