Intellegens machine learning software helps development and discovery organisations in sectors including manufactured and formulated products, materials, chemicals, and drug discovery to innovate faster, at lower cost. Unlike similar methods, our tools extract value from the sparse and noisy data that is typical of real-world experiment and processing. We are a spin-out from the University of Cambridge with a rapidly growing portfolio of R&D and business organisations as customers, and case studies demonstrating return on investment through improved product outcomes, new insights into business-critical data, and dramatic reductions in the amount of experiment required to achieve results.

Our Technology Offers

Machine Learning for Materials, Chemicals, and Advanced Manufacturing

Our deep learning software helps development organisations in sectors including manufacturing, materials, chemicals, formulated products, and drug discovery to speed up innovation, reduce experimental costs, and gain breakthrough insights into their data.

Based on novel machine learning methods developed at the University of Cambridge with our company, our software is able to extract value from real-world experimental and process data, even where that data is sparse and noisy. Most conventional machine learning and data analysis approaches fail with sparse, noisy data. With this software you can optimise products and processes, save time by focusing experimental programs, and increase return on investment from expensively-acquired data.

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