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High Flow Oxygen Therapy

Technology Overview

High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC) is a respiratory support method that delivers a high flow (liters per minute) of medical gas to the patient through an interface (nasal cannula) intended to create an upper airway clearance. The gas used is heated to match the human body temperature (37 °C). It is used for patients with acute and chronic respiratory problems and is an excellent choice for treating patients with severe or critical COVID-19. This technology can be used by pediatrics, children, and adults with various sizes of Nasal Cannula.

We are looking for partners to license this technology or co-develop this technology for other applications.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

HFNC devices can increase the flow and fraction of oxygen to patients. Existing HFNCs use methods such as the Oxygen Blender method, a blower, and the jet flow principle etc. Our HFNC make use of the jet flow method where during operation, the flow and fraction of the oxygen can be varied without an external air source. This device uses flow and fraction sensors to measure the flow and fraction of oxygen delivered to the patient. In addition, our HFNC is equipped with a humidifier to humidify the oxygen airflow and raises the oxygen temperature to deliver warmed, humidified oxygen to patients

Our technology’s specifications are as follow:
High Flow Rate 30-60 LPM.
Low Flow Rate 5-25 LPM.
FiO2 21%-100%.
Heater Humidifier 31°-37° C.
Humidity relative =

Potential Applications

High-flow therapy is helpful in patients that are spontaneously breathing but might require oxygen at higher flow rate. HFNC has been used in spontaneously breathing patients during general anesthesia to facilitate surgery for airway obstruction.

Customer Benefit

HFNC can be used without a centralized airflow. Our HFNC is also more durable because it does not use mechanical systems such as air blowers that are more prone to damage.

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Ghozalfan Farabi Basarah


PT Gerlink Utama Mandiri

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