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Non-Invasive 3D Screening for Plant Phenotyping

Technology Overview

Industrial agriculture of today is running on costs of tomorrow. This needs to be changed.

By applying smart concepts and technologies, it is possible to grow crops with less impact on our planet. This process can be accelerated by delivering objective and precise information about crops and their performance with smart sensor technologies and robotics.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Unique multispectral 3D scanner for plant phenotyping

This technology is possible by combining a plant sensor, the strength of 3D vision and the power of multispectral imaging. It captures plants non-destructively and delivers precise and objective plant parameters in real time. Perfect for plant phenotyping where high quality data is needed.

  • Non-Invasive plant screening – No harvesting or moving
  • 14+ Plant parameters each scan – Morphological and Spectral plant parameters
  • All environments – Scan in direct sunlight, rain & rough conditions
  • Precise & Objective – Reproducible plant data
  • High throughput – Scan thousands of plants multiple times a day
  • Reduce costs – automate plant assessment
  • Integrate in any system – gantries, conveyors, vehicles
  • Indoor Farm Automation – 3D vision and big sets of plant data

Automate irrigation & transpiration rates

This technology is also able to determine the loss of weight of every pot with high precision. Just like a lysimeter it computes transpiration dynamics and water use efficiency for every single plant. Irrigation activities are automated with high accuracy and reliability – even during the weekends!

  • Assess transpiration rates of plants fully automatically and in high-throughput
  • Assess water use efficiency fully automatically
  • Design and automate all irrigation activities in high Precision and reliability

Potential Applications

This technology can be used in these applications:

  • Plant phenotyping
  • Screenings
  • Disease quantification
  • Germination assays
  • Bio assays
  • Quality control
  • Farming automation

Customer Benefit

  • Provide detailed & objective plant information with our own unique sensors
  • Instant usable data and understandable information
  • No manual image analysis or optimization
  • Software that makes everybody able to use tools & software professionally
Contact Person

Kevin Fernandes


Phenospex B.V.

Technology Category

  • Chemicals
  • Agrochemicals
  • Environment, Clean Air/Water
  • Monitoring System & Sensor
  • Life Sciences
  • Agriculture & Farming

Technology Readiness Level


Plant Phenotyping, 3D Multispectral Imaging