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Magnetic Field Activated Glue for On-Demand Adhesion

Technology Overview

Conventional adhesives/glue like epoxy which are used to bond plastic, ceramics and wood are typically designed to cure using moisture, heat or light. However, existing approaches limit applications to specific substrates, inefficient handling in manufacturing, and can only be indirectly activated. A sustainable alternative for existing methods is induction heating. It offers a remote, wireless and contactless method to cure the adhesives or bond the two substrates with adhesive/glue using magnetic field.

The technology on offer is a patented induction heating-cured adhesives that is made by combining commercially available epoxy adhesive with specially tailored magnetic nanoparticles. This new glue is termed as “magnetocuring” glue, which can be cured by passing through a magnetic field. The magnetic field can easily generated by a small electromagnetic device and requires less energy than a large conventional oven. This is very useful in certain environmental conditions and structural restrictions where current adhesives do not work well.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

The new “magnetocuring” adhesive is made of two main components – a commercially available epoxy that is cured through heat, and specially tailored oxide nanoparticles made from a chemical combination including manganese, zinc and iron (MnxZn1-xFe2O4). These nanoparticles are designed to heat up when electromagnetic energy is passed through them, activating the curing process.

The magnetic field for curing is generated by a small electromagnetic device and used to bonds the materials. This process uses less energy than a large conventional oven. The maximum temperature and rate of heating can be controlled by these special nanoparticles, eliminating overheating and hotspot formation.

Some of the advantages includes:

  • Intrinsic heating at the adhesive—Not substrate
  • One-pot and on-demand adhesion
  • Contactless curing– coil 1 – 10 cm away
  • No possibility of resin/substrate scorching
  • Additive technology, No re-formulation of adhesive/resin require
  • Suitable for any thermoset based formulation– epoxy, polyurethane and acrylates
  • No hardener or accelerator require

Potential Applications

This technology is applicable to industries requiring intrinsic heating, on-demand adhesion and precise temperature control. Apply this developed technology to (but are not limited to) sports, medical equipment, automotive, aerospace, wind-turbines, membranes and abrasive manufacturing industries could result in:

  • More productivity
  • Energy efficiency
  • Eliminating overheating
  • Remote and on-demand adhesion
  • In-line curing of carbon and glass fibers

Customer Benefit

  • Provides customers an industrially viable alternative to oven curing
  • Adhesion strength comparable to oven-cured resins
  • Bond various heat-sensitive substrates
  • 120 times less energy needed than a traditional 2000-Watt oven for curing
  • Cost-effective– work with existing adhesive formulations
  • Applicable to most of the commercial thermoset resin
  • Remote repairs– Induction device is portable, enabling fast curing for repairs, preventing disassembly
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Magnetic field activated glue for on-demand adhesion