AI inside Inc.

AI inside is a leading AI platformer in Japan with services ranging from AI-OCR, Image Recognition, GPUs, and Learning Center.

Our Technology Offers

AI-based OCR Engine

Our AI-based OCR engine is a tool that auto-extract any content from papers, handwritten and printed alike, and then directly transporting it to CSV or to internal ERP system. It will first auto-sorts the document into each of its type, and extract the content of each individual document entirely, eliminating most of data-entry works. It offers high recognition accuracy even for difficult handwritten data.

Even though AI will still need human supervision, we are able to reduce above 80% data entry cost across sectors, such as BPO, Banking, Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail, Insurance and the like. For many, this reduces burden in HR, lowers inaccuracy, and promotes digitalization, especially during pandemic era.

We welcome technology partners and users alike, and offer both trial and subscription programs, on-cloud as well as on-premises. We also offer free diagnostic test, so you may see how effective this is to your papers.