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Smart Low-Cost UV-C Sanitizer

Technology Overview

We developed a simple Smart UV-C Sanitizer to inhibit the spread of unwanted microorganisms, such as Covid-19 viruses. The developed sterilizer is used to sterilize the room using UV-C light. The advantages are low cost, smart that can analyse optimal light exposure according to target microorganisms, safe for humans because the human presence sensor is activated, and remote control using an application on a smartphone. Using the developed sterilization tool can be used to inhibit the spread of Covid-19 viruses in the current pandemic situation. It can be used for medical offices, school/ campus, administrative offices, factory, and so on.

We are seeking research and development collaboration to develop the product for other application and companies who are interested to license this technology.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

Our system has several innovative aspects. The first innovative aspect is the self-calculation on the duration needed to exposure by considering the type of microorganism and volume of the room. The developed system is controlled by Bluetooth connections. Additionally, the system has a safety aspect by having human presence sensors to avoid direct UV-C beam exposure to human. The developed system is promising for inhibiting the spread of Covid-19 viruses in current pandemic situation.

Potential Applications

The developed system is a tool for sterilizing a room as the main application with features of smart analysis, remoted operation, and safe for human. As an additional application, it can be used for processing medical or household waste using UV-C beam exposure method especially in current Covid-19 pandemic situation.

Customer Benefit

Sterilization tools are important in this current Covid-19 pandemic situation which means that there is a big market for such tools. As our system has low production and operation costs, it is competitive against other similar products. The developed system can be easily deployed into different environment and settings, thus benefitting and keeping everyone safe in the midst of our current pandemic.

Contact Person

Th. Ningsi Astuti


BRIN (Health and Wellness)

Technology Category

  • Environment, Clean Air/Water
  • Sanitisation

Technology Readiness Level


ultraviolet, smart, sterilisation