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Ozone Nanobubble Air and Surface Steriliser

Technology Overview

This technology presents a sterilising device for sterilising air and surface objects using water mist containing ozone, in particular, using ozone nanobubble water as a disinfectant.

This device can be used to kill bacteria and viruses that are in the air and attached to the surface of objects, especially to reduce the spread of the spread of infectious diseases. The target user segments of this device include medical, tourism, business, industrial and facility management of public facilities. The technology owner is seeking further cooperation in the development and use of this device.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

This technology sterilises air and surface objects using water mist containing ozone, in this case using ozone nanobubble water as a disinfectant. This ozone water mist has several advantages including:

  • With the form of water mist containing nanobubble ozone, it can work simultaneously, namely, to sterilise viruses and bacteria in the air as well as viruses and bacteria on the surface of objects (up to 99.8%)
  • Does not use chemicals as disinfectant
  • Does not leave chemical residue, as reacted ozone will be converted to oxygen
  • Can use ozone as low dose disinfectant (0.3-0.5 ppm)
  • No smell

Potential Applications

In order to contain the spread of the infectious diseases, this technology can be used as a steriliser device in various public facilities such as hospitals, offices, housing, hotels, transportation, schools, and other commercial properties.

It can also be used to support the sterilisation process in industrial, agroindustry and medical processes, such as product sterilisation and food preservation. In medical industry, it can be used for sterilisation of medical equipment as well as in the treatment process.

Customer Benefit

Sterilisation devices are important in this current COVID-19 pandemic situation which implies a big market opportunity, including production and commercialisation of the developed devices. By using this device, it can not only reduce the spread of the infectious diseases, but also reduce the burden of environmental problems. The disinfectant used here can be made from water and oxygen from the air so that it has economic value and is environmentally friendly.

Contact Person

Ario Tutuko Suwarno


National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) (Green and Sustainable Future)

Technology Category

  • Green Building
  • IAQ Monitoring & Control
  • Environment, Clean Air/Water
  • Automation, Control, Communication, Mechanical Systems, Monitoring System & Sensor, Sanitisation
  • Healthcare

Technology Readiness Level


ozone nanobubble, air sterilization, airborne terminator