Nilam Corporation

Nilam Corporation is a pioneering company that was founded in 2020. Our company produces products in the form of environmentally friendly sanitary napkins under the brand name Nilam Pad. Nilam Corporation has a vision to invite Indonesian women to love and be proud to use products with local wisdom that are natural and environmentally friendly.

Our Technology Offers

Plant-based Superabsorbent Polymer for Better Farm Land

Superabsorbent polymers (SAPs) are commonly made from petrochemical starting materials, i.e., acrylic monomers. A large volume of SAPs is applied in disposable hygiene products such as diapers. They are also used as agricultural water retention agents. There is increasing interest in bio-modified or natural-based SAPs due to the world's steadfast decision towards environmental protection. However, biopolymer-based SAPs typically cost higher and exhibit poorer performance than their fully synthetic counterparts.

This technology presents a technique for producing plant-based SAPs from orange peel and patchouli waste with low cost, simple equipment, abundant and natural ingredients. The SAPs may be used in arid lands as a form of soil amendment. The company is seeking partners with the aim of creating new innovations in SAPs with materials from agriculture and food waste and jointly participate in environmental preservation.