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High Temperature Chlorine Scrubbing System

Technology Overview

Chlorine compounds, such as hydrogen chloride and alkali metal chloride vapors, are common gaseous impurities causing severe corrosion of plant equipment, especially steam boilers. At high temperatures, the heat transfer surfaces within the system are easily corroded by chlorinated compounds that shortens its working life and lowers its thermal efficiency.

The technology on offer is a high temperature scrubber that eliminates chlorine compounds from combustible gas produced by waste and biomass gasification systems. Owing to the application of advanced sorbent materials, the scrubber can operate at temperatures of the gasifier outlet (800-900°C). The product of the process is a clean flue gas suitable for downstream application in a boiler for electricity generation.

The technology owner is seeking collaboration with industry partners for technology licensing, research collaboration or test-bedding.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

During the conventional chlorine scrubbing process, chlorine is removed at low temperature after steam boiler. As a result, the steam boiler is exposed to the corrosive chlorine compounds, limiting the elevation of steam parameters for high electrical efficiency. This scrubbing system integrates chlorine scrubbing with combustion before steam boiler, avoiding the direct contact between chlorine and boiler walls.

Some characteristics of the chlorine scrubbing system include:

  • A bifunctional system for simultaneous combustion and HCl adsorption
  • Ability to use at high temperatures (800-900°C) and high moisture content (25-35 vol%)
  • In-line regenerable bifunctional material
  • CO2 capture for processing N2-free municipal solid waste syngas.

Potential Applications

The technology is suitable for clean high temperature flue gas production from waste and biomass gasification systems.

Customer Benefit

  • Cost savings for the maintenance of steam boiler from high-temperature corrosion
  • System can be integrated with carbon capture from N2-free municipal solid waste syngas for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
Contact Person

Guicai Liu


NTU - NTUitive >> Water - Energy - Waste

Technology Category

  • Environment, Clean Air/Water
  • Biological & Chemical Treatment

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chlorine, scrubbing, combustion, regenerative, clean, municipal solid waste, gasifier, syngas, bifunctional material, flue gas, purification