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Resilient Cold Chain Network for Vaccination Programs

Technology Overview

VacStore technology is a specifically designed device as a two-in-one solution for transportation and on-site storage of products such as vaccines and perishable commodities at a required temperature range.

Current devices in the market have a very limited thermal performance (usually less than 120 hours) and temperature ranges (mostly -25 to -15 ֯C and +2 to +8 ֯C). Once Covid-19 started, the mass vaccination programs started to rely on these non-optimized solutions, although, they are not suitable for last mile vaccine delivery in developing countries with distant rural areas due to their performance limitations. When Pfizer comes into the picture with its storage temperature requirements between -90 to -60 ֯C, almost none of the solutions in the market is effective for last mile vaccine delivery in bulk. Therefore, slow vaccination rate in developing countries is noticed and it is the main obstacle for the economic recovery. The proposed technology – VacStore – is a highly efficient and uniquely designed to provide advanced thermal performance, for various temperature ranges.

Target users:

  • Logistics companies
  • Warehouses
  • Government
  • Supermarkets
  • Pharma companies
  • Companies which produce/deliver perishable products

Partnership Opportunities:

  • Investing
  • Manufacturing Partnership
  • Geographical expansion
  • Technology licensing
  • Mass vaccination planning
  • On site testing with customers

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

  • VacStore technology is an innovative solution for reliable transportation and storage of vaccines and other products that require stringent temperature control.
  • It is a multi-use, environmentally friendly and equipped with cloud-based performance monitoring system.
  • It can be easily scaled to form a mobile vaccination center or warehousing system, thus reducing the energy usage for cooling of temperature sensitive products.
  • It can be operated within wide range of temperature ranges and allows to store goods for many days without any source of energy once preconditioned:
    • Up to 17 days (between ‐90 to ‐60 °C)
    • Up to 25‐30 days (between ‐25 to ‐15 °C)
    • Up to 35‐40 days (between +2 to +8 °C)
  • Its long storage duration allows users to effectively plan transportation of perishable goods with extra degree of freedom and be ready for unplanned logistics delays that might otherwise affect to the quality of the goods.
  • Governments of developing countries may plan on ramping up vaccination plans especially for rural areas with poor infrastructure and unreliable energy grid, since VacStore give opportunity to store vaccines for several weeks.
  • Logistics companies can use VacStore for delivery and storage of other perishable goods, and develop small to medium scale warehouses with low-energy usage.

    Potential Applications

    Primary application area:

    • Vaccine transportation and storage

    Other application areas:

    • Mobile vaccination center/warehousing
    • Perishable food delivery and storage
    • Replacement of ultra-freezers and delivery containers as a one device
    • International and domestic logistics

    Currently, the vaccination rate of developing countries below 18-20%, where the total population is around 5.5 billion. Total addressable market size (TAM) for covid vaccine delivery is around 140 million SGD/year. Population in rural areas of developing countries with poor infrastructure is about 2.3 billion. Market share of Pfizer (below -60 °C) and (-20 °C) Sputnik vaccines is approximately 21% in total. Assuming population with the age of 14 year old and above to receive vaccines from these companies, service obtainable market size (SOM) for VacStore is nearly 23 million/year, considering there will be booster shots required every year.

    Customer Benefits

    • Reliable storage performance in wide temperature ranges
    • Easy cloud-based monitoring system
    • Highly scalable to meet the customer’s demand
    • Main components can be operated more than 5 years

    Contact Person

    Geraldine Lau


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    • Healthcare
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