Opsis is a leading Emotion recognition AI spin-off from A*STAR

Our Technology Offers

Leading Emotion Recognition AI

We offer healthcare grade technology that utilises a highly accurate Psychology Circumplex Model resulting in more precise emotion measurements with multi-dimension data points. Our solution offers Thousands of Mood Detection versus 7 basic labelling that accounts for ethnicity and cultural differences. Real-Time facial expressions analytics of large crowds and individuals with highest accuracy of up to 93%.

The strength of our algorithm results from the volume and granularity with patients and non-patients’ scientific investigation. This genuine data enables it to detect and assess a broad range of emotions with precision. Annotated datasets from various phycological fields are used to train our algorithm to recognizes minutiae scale of emotions for further affective computing research on multimodal speech, physiological signals and gestures.

Our emotion analytics runs on popular platforms, any device with camera or wearable optical devices. It requires less than 1 GHz processing on the Edge with minimum bandwidth needed. We offer SDK with APIs libraries to create new applications with 3rd party development.

Our AI can be used in mental health analysis, vehicle safety, education, unbiased emotion feedback for advertising and public security. Emotion AI have also been deployed for audience measurement, customer satisfaction, human resources and training.

We seek to partner system integrators and manufacturers of cameras and micro-processors, currently in the OEMs / SDK to incorporate Emotion Recognition A.I into their end devices. IoTs and Smart Nation providers for surveillance, wearable and end sensing devices.