Plépah is social enterprise that focuses on social innovation. We utilise design as a tool to investigate and tackle complex social issues across sectors, cultivating innovative ideas to deliver long-lasting change, with the support of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI)

Our Technology Offers

Carbon Neutral & Biodegradable Food Packaging

This technology offers a micro-manufacturing process to produce sustainable eco-friendly packaging from agricultural waste from Areca plants. Micro-manufacturing is a compact, easier to operate, low-maintenance technology that would also be cost-efficient. It produces products in small quantities and using small manufacturing spaces or facilities. Micro-manufacturing technology is versatile and flexible to be adapted even in rural areas.

To address the issues relating to single use plastics, this technology was developed to minimise the waste issue while simultaneously providing economic potential that can be beneficial to the community. This technology leverages available agricultural waste to produce a 100% biodegradable material from non-timber forests.

The technology offers an affordable eco-friendly packaging to suit various needs. The packaging will degrade in 60 days, is food grade and water-resistant. This packaging can also be heated in a microwave or an oven, can be stored in cool or dry places, and is reusable.

This company is seeking like-minded companies interested in creating both social and environmental impact, by implementing this micro-manufacturing method to produce a carbon neutral packaging material. The company is open to various modes of collaboration, including to create tailor made micro-manufacturing technology based on the external companies requirements and also experiment on other agriculture waste materials available in Indonesia.