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Foot Ulcer Detection Mat

Technology Overview

This technology offer presents a “Foot Ulcer Detection Mat” which is embedded with multiple tactile sensors. The smart mat can measure the applied pressure of each sensing point and its corresponding position in the array. Its pressure sensing layer is constructed with multiple rows and columns of piezoresistive sensing points.

“Foot Ulcer Detection Mat” has been used for diabetic patients. Patients with diabetic skin problem on their foot are risky to get amputation when the condition is worsening. However, the “Foot Ulcer Detection Mat” can help protect patients from the pre-diabetic foot syndrome. This solution provides a customized Foot Mat, for a patient to stand on it and measure foot condition. The mobile App records the pressure value of each square unit at the bottom of the feet. Red represents areas of relatively high pressure, and violet, areas of low pressure. In this pressure map, the high-lighted spot is the area of the highest pressure, indicating a possible ulcer. The electronic board will send the data to a handheld device via Bluetooth to cloud server for further analysis of the health condition of the patients’ feet. It is able to detect ulcer location and size and alarm the risk and trends of Diabetic foot infection.

The technology owner is currently looking for collaboration with hospitals and companies in the fields of health monitoring and therapy, digital health, digital therapy, tele-health, and tele-consultation.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

  • Pressure range: 1-200PSI, customizable
  • Glove size and shape: customizable
  • Sensor density: 0.5-10 sensor points per square centimeter, customizable
  • Tactile sensing glove, gripper, and gesture recognition glove can be integrated together to achieve remote manipulation
  • Sensor response time: <1us
  • Thickness: <0.3mm
  • Weight: <500g
  • Communication: USB, Bluetooth, and wi-fi
  • Data storage: SD card
  • Working voltage: DC 3-5V
  • Power consumption: <2w

Potential Applications

  • Foot pressure distribution measurement
  • Foot abnormality detection
  • Excessive pressure warning

Customer Benefit

  • Customizable tactile sensing glove
  • API under Windows, Linux, ROS available for customers to develop various applications
Contact Person

James Xia



Technology Category

  • Healthcare
  • Diagnostics

Technology Readiness Level


Pressure mapping, pressure mat, foot ulcer, electronic skin