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Tactile Sensing Glove for Rehabilitation

Technology Overview

The technology offer presents a “Tactile Sensing Glove” that is embedded with multiple tactile sensors. The glove can measure the applied pressure of each sensing point and its corresponding position in the array. Its pressure sensing layer is constructed with multiple rows and columns of piezoresistive sensing points. It can be applied on “Active Sensing Glove” for rehabilitation of patients suffering from hand myasthenia or stroke.

The “Active Sensing Glove for Rehabilitation” has been used by patients who are suffering from stroke. It not only uses the pneumatic air supply system to assist the patients to do passive training during the rehabilitation course, but also instruct them to do active rehabilitation during mirror therapy. This solution uses a mirror to create the illusion that the hand affected by the stroke is moving well, and tricking the brain into believing what it sees. Although the patient has difficulty moving his hand after a stroke, the active sensing glove system gives him the opportunity to follow the default step-by-step instruction from the controller, so as to improve movement in affected hand.

Moreover, the Pressure Map App in the system could also record the pressure information of the specific area of the glove, and transfer results to the cloud server to find out the weak area of the disabled hand, and give feedback to the controller. Hence, the patient could get the instruction to do more rehabilitation on the weak fingers, when he or she is doing mirror therapy.

The technology owner is currently seeking collaboration with hospitals and companies in the fields of rehabilitation, digital health, digital therapy, tele-health, and tele-consultation.

Technology Features, Specifications and Advantages

  • Pressure range: 1-500PSI, customizable
  • Glove size and shape: customizable
  • Sensor density: 0.5-10 sensor points per square centimeter, customizable
  • Tactile sensing glove, gripper, and gesture recognition glove can be integrated together to achieve remote manipulation
  • Sensor response time: <1us
  • Thickness: <0.3mm
  • Weight: <500g
  • Communication: USB, Bluetooth, and wi-fi
  • Data storage: SD card
  • Working voltage: DC 3-5V
  • Power consumption: <2w

Potential Applications

  • Parts grasping and assembly, and slippage or drop detection
  • Bomb and hazardous material disposal
  • Surgical operation training
  • Assistive living of elderly and physically challenged individuals
  • Augmented and virtual reality environment

Customer Benefit

  • Customizable tactile sensing glove
  • API under Windows, Linux, ROS available for customers to develop various applications
Contact Person

James Xia



Technology Category

  • Healthcare
  • Diagnostics

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Tactile sensing glove, rehabilitation, pressure sensing